About Tyler Halstead

👋 Hi, I'm Tyler Halstead.

I work for WP Engine / Flywheel as a full stack software engineer, building Local. I mostly write Electron, Node, Typescript and React. In previous roles at Flywheel, I've built and managed two remote teams, (one in Europe and one in the USA), spent countless hours building and debugging in WordPress, and have tinkered with all manner of hosting technologies.

For fun, I'll work on side projects built with various web technologies and VR projects built with Unity and C#.

I also practice hand balancing, meditation, electric skateboarding (RIP Boosted) and will regularly bro out at the gym lifting some weights. In the "before times" I traveled all over Europe and will be traveling again as soon as it's safe to do so!

Currently living and working in: Kansas City, KS; Stuttgart, DE; Omaha, NE

I love meeting new people, tinkering with new projects, or learning about new tech! If you want to chat, shoot me a DM on Insta or Twitter - I'm always down to party.